Collage This!

I don't know why but recently I've been into cutting up things.

"Caged Bird" 

I think I like Caged Bird better, because STRIPES ARE AMAZING. I swear lips actually looks pretty creepy, not sure why. For lips, the huge picture at the left side is from a Chanel ad and the rest are from my mum's Her World magazines. You wouldn't believe it but the girl in Caged Bird is from The Business Times. Its a TV ad. She's actually jumping from a TV. Not weird at all. The bird and mountains are from National Geographic. 

p.s. I also decided to finally organize my desktop. Look: 
I know, how neat! ( ;D ITS EVEN COLOUR CODED)
Oh and you can download the wallpaper here. This website has many other ah-mazing wallpapers.

Why I Don't Believe In Fashion Magazines

There are some aspects of fashion that I find very fake and that I loathe, a lot. It seems like there's an obsession over things that are just not important at all. One of those things is Fashion Magazines. 
Some, if not most, "fashionistas" would be poring through these constantly and fashion magazines are such a major part of fashion but i feel that these magazines take away what fashion truly is; the true joy of fashion. 

I love fashion and am so interested with fashion because of the experimental part of it. I find the dressing differently, albeit oddly and daring to dress unconventionally the amazing thing about fashion. I also like how fashion aka the clothes can change our mindsets on body image. Truthfully, I have to admit that I'm very self-conscious and I feel so much more confident about myself when what I'm wearing something nice. Fashion magazines don't have that.

Now most fashion magazines just seem like a glossy exterior (ironically, magazines do have glossy exteriors, which is saying something...?) with no substance inside. They have sections on "trends", on "what this celebrity wore" etceteras.  

Trends. Why do we have to know about them? Why are they such a big part of fashion? In every fashion news website, in almost every fashion magazine there'll be a section on trends, whether its runway trends, or any other fashion trend, its a bit disheartening when fashion seems to be getting... so commercialized. Fashion should be about expressing yourself and dressing in a way that you yourself like, not following "what's hot" at the moment. True style is timeless. Be a trendsetter, not follow them.

Celebrity style/what ___ wore. For example, there'll be a break down of whether xx celebrity looked "hot" or "not" wearing a certain outfit. The funny thing is, people actually copy celebrity styles and think they look stylish. Why do we copy them? Isn't fashion supposed to be about self-expression, we shouldn't be so obsessed with looking like others.

To conclude, I suppose its almost impossible for there to be no "trends" and "celebrity style" sections in magazines because that could be the things people want to read or an industry can't change that drastically but I really hope that one day, we'll all not pay that much attention to these things, they don't matter. 

#fashion brand love: Swim in a pool of Oscar de la Renta

Swim in swaths of pink dresses. 

I'm currently going through Oscar de la Renta's past collections and feeling so inspired.

They just have this princess-like feeling, like hello, can it get more perfect?! No. 

So swoon-worthy! Imagine wearing that! Oscar de la Renta dresses are so feminine and have such unique silouhettes.

{photos by James Nord }

Bright Pink and Fluffy Bunny

(style type:) casual || (wearing:) Mum's bright pink jacket, Oasap peter pan collar necklace, blue inner vest.

This post title is so brainless. But anyway, I decided to do a outfit post with my bunny.


To me fashion is an art. Its magic. It can make one feel confident and beautiful. Sewing; putting together pieces instill in me some strong desire; a wish; a hope. My dream is not just to be a famous designer in a prestigious fashion house. But instead to sit in those sewing rooms with just fabrics surrounding, embellishments, thread, a mannequin. Creating clothes with impact is what's important.

Fashion is beyond "just something we wear". Its our identity. Its what others perceive of us. It is an expression. Its not about following trends because true style is timeless. Not about following celebrity style. You can't call yourself stylish if you're copying someone else's style.

Pretty In Pink

On a Wedsday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again.

(style type:) sweet pastel || (wearing:) Teensy floral shirt, vintage necklace, dark blue culottes.

My second personal style post so far. This was taken at my study desk, don't you love the pink coloured paper with some doodles in the background? I made it last year, and believe me, its pretty effective for cheering me up. There's one doodle that goes, "I LOVE MY TEDDY BEARS". and another one has "I'M FABULOUS". So much for being modest.

I am just going to inject randomly here that: I love my bunny! Yesterday she managed to sneak out of her cage, and just came crashing to my room at like, midnight. This is probably an appropriate time to go:

I have literally hundreds of pictures of her in my phone. (Shameless advertising: I upload lots more pictues of my bunny on my instagram account @iheartrabbits //hint hint// )
Also, have you guys heard the song Begin Again by Taylor Swift?

Oh So Dotty

(style type:) vintage || (wearing:) c/o Oasap peter pan collar necklace, Guess sunglasses, Brandless polka dotted shorts, c/o Oasap bag.

So this is my first ever personal style post! This outfit is really cute, don't you think? Must be the pants...But anyway, I took this picture at home, and originally wanted to title this as "Admiring Plastic Flowers" (gosh). "Oh So Dotty" isn't much better either. I really need help with name-giving. Guess what my bunny is called? Cutie. Oh So Creative (not!)

/I should probably insert a close-up picture here, but. can I say #YOLO? I swear yolo is one of the most overused words//

I'm so happy with the bag, it happens to fit my polaroid camera perfectly. Maybe its just the size, the bag is seriously so beyond cute. And I've changed my mind, #YOLO, here's a close-up of the bag/ dotty pants: 

The necklace is made of metal alloy and it has lovely flower patterns closeupofnecklace by Oasap. Have a nice day everyone! :)

What is street style?

I follow quite a number of personal style (fashion) blogs via bloglovin. Don't you feel that now, most owners of popular personal style blogs have glamorous lives, can afford expensive clothes, go to great parties, meet famous people (like Chiagra from theblondesalad meeting Ed Westwick, the actor who played Chuck Bass in the popular hit TV show, Gossip Girl).

 You call it street style, but is only wearing designer brands still street style? 

 Practically though, I think most of us can’t afford to dress like that all the time. Sometimes I would walk past a roadside stall and see amazing clothes yet at cheap prizes. Perhaps the durability of the clothing isn’t as good but the design is flawless. I feel that there should be more fashion blogs that actually has affordable street style.

 Nonetheless, I still have this sense of awe when looking at that photos, and that's why I follow these blogs on bloglovin. I guess it'll be something that can't be changed. The blog owners, such as Chiagra Ferragni of TheBlondeSalad, practically lead the dream life everybody, including me, wants to have. I love re-posting their outfits (with credit, of course!) and the expensive clothes do look extremely appealing and fashionable. Their supply of bags, shoes, accessories seem never ending and they never have to repeat an outfit. Do you think the true essence of street style is affordable things everyone can wear on the street or the high-fashion-designer outfits we see?

And people would say they’re the lucky ones.

Does anybody else dream of being a designer or is it just me? It’s not even the Karl Lagerfeld kind of big designer. But definitely a couture designer. Picture this sewing room…a mannequin in the center and fabrics strewn every where, fashion illustrations all over the walls, tacked up images of runway shows, colourful prints, coloured thread…
Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 collection 

Oh and by the way, I swear Alexander McQueen's fall 2009 couture is the best thing ever

[images from]

why, hello there!

Welcome to my blog!

I suppose this blog is going to be about fashion. I've been interested in fashion for like a year now already and I've actually got a tumblr (surprise surprise!) but well I've only been reblogging pictures from it so...just not original enough. 

Anyway, I'm so excited to get started on Blogger! 

Chopette xx