Collage This!

I don't know why but recently I've been into cutting up things.

"Caged Bird" 

I think I like Caged Bird better, because STRIPES ARE AMAZING. I swear lips actually looks pretty creepy, not sure why. For lips, the huge picture at the left side is from a Chanel ad and the rest are from my mum's Her World magazines. You wouldn't believe it but the girl in Caged Bird is from The Business Times. Its a TV ad. She's actually jumping from a TV. Not weird at all. The bird and mountains are from National Geographic. 

p.s. I also decided to finally organize my desktop. Look: 
I know, how neat! ( ;D ITS EVEN COLOUR CODED)
Oh and you can download the wallpaper here. This website has many other ah-mazing wallpapers.