Why I Don't Believe In Fashion Magazines

There are some aspects of fashion that I find very fake and that I loathe, a lot. It seems like there's an obsession over things that are just not important at all. One of those things is Fashion Magazines. 
Some, if not most, "fashionistas" would be poring through these constantly and fashion magazines are such a major part of fashion but i feel that these magazines take away what fashion truly is; the true joy of fashion. 

I love fashion and am so interested with fashion because of the experimental part of it. I find the dressing differently, albeit oddly and daring to dress unconventionally the amazing thing about fashion. I also like how fashion aka the clothes can change our mindsets on body image. Truthfully, I have to admit that I'm very self-conscious and I feel so much more confident about myself when what I'm wearing something nice. Fashion magazines don't have that.

Now most fashion magazines just seem like a glossy exterior (ironically, magazines do have glossy exteriors, which is saying something...?) with no substance inside. They have sections on "trends", on "what this celebrity wore" etceteras.  

Trends. Why do we have to know about them? Why are they such a big part of fashion? In every fashion news website, in almost every fashion magazine there'll be a section on trends, whether its runway trends, or any other fashion trend, its a bit disheartening when fashion seems to be getting... so commercialized. Fashion should be about expressing yourself and dressing in a way that you yourself like, not following "what's hot" at the moment. True style is timeless. Be a trendsetter, not follow them.

Celebrity style/what ___ wore. For example, there'll be a break down of whether xx celebrity looked "hot" or "not" wearing a certain outfit. The funny thing is, people actually copy celebrity styles and think they look stylish. Why do we copy them? Isn't fashion supposed to be about self-expression, we shouldn't be so obsessed with looking like others.

To conclude, I suppose its almost impossible for there to be no "trends" and "celebrity style" sections in magazines because that could be the things people want to read or an industry can't change that drastically but I really hope that one day, we'll all not pay that much attention to these things, they don't matter. 

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