What is street style?

I follow quite a number of personal style (fashion) blogs via bloglovin. Don't you feel that now, most owners of popular personal style blogs have glamorous lives, can afford expensive clothes, go to great parties, meet famous people (like Chiagra from theblondesalad meeting Ed Westwick, the actor who played Chuck Bass in the popular hit TV show, Gossip Girl).

 You call it street style, but is only wearing designer brands still street style? 

 Practically though, I think most of us can’t afford to dress like that all the time. Sometimes I would walk past a roadside stall and see amazing clothes yet at cheap prizes. Perhaps the durability of the clothing isn’t as good but the design is flawless. I feel that there should be more fashion blogs that actually has affordable street style.

 Nonetheless, I still have this sense of awe when looking at that photos, and that's why I follow these blogs on bloglovin. I guess it'll be something that can't be changed. The blog owners, such as Chiagra Ferragni of TheBlondeSalad, practically lead the dream life everybody, including me, wants to have. I love re-posting their outfits (with credit, of course!) and the expensive clothes do look extremely appealing and fashionable. Their supply of bags, shoes, accessories seem never ending and they never have to repeat an outfit. Do you think the true essence of street style is affordable things everyone can wear on the street or the high-fashion-designer outfits we see?

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